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28 January, 2007

Huge update.

A super huge update. I kinda forgot about this place : [
Just a bunch of mixed stuff I've done in the last week or two.

That's it. Hope you enjoy.
And to anyone reading this, I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a comment, so I know I'm not wasting my time with this blog : ]


21 January, 2007


I have some more stuff to show.
First, some quick pen sketches.

Next is a quick paint of the above sketch.

Then a crappy paint I did while feeling frustrated and depressed. I used an oil brush in Painter, which was completely unforgivable, which made it even harder to paint.

Lastly, a sketch I did for a painting I plan to do.

Hope you enjoy.


19 January, 2007

Late night (morning) sketches.

I should have gone to sleep a long time ago, it's 10 to 7 in the morning now...
Anyway, here's two sketches I just did. Using a chisel tip marker.

I'm gonna sleep now : ]


Quick crap.

Got some quick sketches to show. Testing out my new pens.
Nothing amazing I'm afraid.

And because I'm nice, I'll show you all a WIP of a painting I started today for school.

Not the most amazing update ever. I'll try and get some better stuff done to show!


17 January, 2007

Rusty life drawings and stuff.

Sorry for not posting on Monday, or Tuesday, I was sleeping.
Since the holidays I've been getting to bed very late and waking up late. It's a mixture of laziness, my love of sleep, cosy bed and Wii till 6am that causes it. Not my fault. Anyway, here's some life drawings I did on Monday.
I find that if I skip a week or two, I take a step back skill wise with life drawing. It's something you need to keep doing. So I was expecting after a 4/5 week break that I'd be pretty rusty. But at least I'm back at it.

Not much there I know, but I got there late, and had to sit on the floor in the corner with a rubbish view. Not the best start to the term. I plan to get there on time next week.

Today I managed to wake up early (2pm) to get to the art store and then to the Veláquez exhibition at the National Gallery here in London. Unfortunately it was sold out for the night, and so me and my friend decided to just walk round the permanent galleries. I saw a great painting by Adrián Pulido Pareja. I've never heard of him but I loved the painting so I tried to do a study of it.

Me slow + getting to the National Gallery late = me not getting much done.
I plan to go back and maybe finish this off. Or I might do some others. I want to wake up really early (12pm) and make a day of it.

Lastly, some super quick tube sketches in my new mini Molskine sketchbook.

That's it for now. I should get some more stuff scanned later this week.


14 January, 2007

I'm back

Ok so the Christmas and new year holidays provided me with a lot of free time, most of which was spent playing Zelda! I haven't really got any new work apart from some quick sketches and some crap school work.

School work first. These are some pages I did for a project where I had to make a comic. I decided instead of wasting time thinking of a crappy story I'd use an existing story. I turned to Mr Ashley Wood for inspiration, (Like I always do!) and his Metal Gear Solid comic. I chose to make a comic out of the video game Resident Evil 4. Why? Well it's a game I've played many times. And it has zombies.

If I spent a nice amount of time with this I reckon I could have produced something half decent. Unfortunately though, and as usual, I left things to the last minute and rushed it all to get it finished in time for my half year assessment. I made the deadline but had to cut it short, only getting the first 10 minutes of the game in 9 pages.
In the end it was a lot of fun though and I definitely want to pursue this further as a personal project. I'd love to get the whole game done one day. Probably nothing more than a pipe dream though.
I wont show all the pages because most of it was absolute crap. These are the only pages I feel are worth showing.

Next some quick sketches for the sake of doing something productive and not playing Zelda all day (Oh how it rocks though!).

...Yep, it's been a pretty unproductive holiday. But I ate a lot and played a lot, so it wasn't all bad.
On the plus side, my life drawing class starts back up tomorrow, which I'm very much looking forward to. And although I have 3 weeks off from school while an assessor assesses how much work I haven't done, I have two new projects I need to start, which will provide for some new sketches and paintings. Fun times.

Expect a life drawing update tomorrow.