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08 November, 2006


I don't think I've mentioned before on my blog, but I'm a HUGE Nintendo fan!
I'm eagerly awaiting the launch of Nintendo's new Wii console, and although I have to wait until the UK launch date of December 8th, I have a few things that are helping to make the wait easier.
One of those things is a replica Wiimote that I bought off eBay.
It's from Nintendo of Japan, and was given out at some Japanese Wii press conference, and is also available for VIP members of NoJ.
It's actually a remote control for TV sets, hence the Japanses text next to each button. It doesn't work with my PAL TV though.
Anyway, I thought I would post some photos I took of it (along with my beautiful white Gamecube!).

(Photos came out weird due to the flash)

The remote is a lot smaller than I imagined it would be. As you can see it fits "inside" the width and length of the Gamecube. It's also very light, but still heavy enough to be very comfortable (thanks in part to the two AA batteries).

Hope you enjoy the photos. Anyone else have one of these? Let me know.


04 November, 2006

Last post for tonight

Here's some recent digital stuff.
The first two are quick paintings for school. I'll show more on that project in the near future.
The third is a self portrait for Concept's "National Self portrait Day", on November 1st.
I haven't done many sp's so it was good practice for me.

That's it for now. I have some sketchbook pages that I need to scan, but this is enough for tonight : ]
Hope you enjoy. And don't forget to keep checking back every now and then.


Random life drawings

Here are some life drawings I've done over the past few weeks.
The first is sketch of a stuffed Bush Baby from the National History Museum in London.
The rest are life drawings, apart from the two brown pages of the weird looking animals and skulls. They were from the Hunterian Museum in London, it has loads of crazy shit in jars, I'd recommend anyone in London go check it out.
Apologies in advance for the shitness. I haven't done observational drawing in a looooong time, I'm still rusty.

Still have a few more things to post later on.


Lost sanity

Here's some work I did for a school project. I had to illustrate a book cover.
Below is the finished piece, with the initial sketch underneath.
Below them are 4 rough's I did first, at which time I didn't know what book I was going to do the cover for.

Yet more coming your way soon.


Random crap

Sorry again for neglecting my blog. I've had a few messages, and I noticed that this is getting a little more popular, so I should really try and update it more.
Here are some random sketches and paints. The last one was for my sketchbook thread on Concept, it had reached 1000 posts.

I'll post more in a sec. I have some others laying around.

Oh and btw, if you send me a message, I can't reply to it. So either leave me a comment or email me if you want me to get back to you. Thanks