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17 August, 2006

Insomnia again.

Right, so I finished my school project today. So here they are.
If you've ever noodled something to death, you might know how I feel about these...

At least I've finished it, now I have more time to paint robots! : ]
Oh, and here's one of the sketches I did for the project.

So there you go. If anyone actually reads this, please leave me a comment.


16 August, 2006


No robots this time, just my ugly mug.
For a school project.


15 August, 2006


Told you more art would be on the way : ]
A quick Painter sketch before bed.


14 August, 2006


Ok, so no new art yet. I'm working on the 3 other illustrations for school, plus I've finished the one I posted a few posts down, I'll show them once they are all finished. Maybe a few robots too : ]

Anyway, I thought I may as well plug some of my photos. I've always been interested in photography, never really got into it though.
I went to Chile for Christmas and new years 2005/2006 and met up with my Dad's side of the family (I'm half Chilean) .
Had a great time, took a shit load of photos...

Check out my photo album to see more.
It says favourite 50, but to be honest I just chucked them on, I may change a few at some point...

Anyway, hope you enjoy.
More art on the way soon...


Slow droid

My computer has decided it now wants more RAM.
I can't afford more RAM.
So everything is running at a snails pace, Painter included : [

If crappy robots aren't your thing, I'm sorry.
I would blame it on my puter... but it's probably just me being crap. We'll never know.

Oh, and if you read this blog, please leave me a comment, so I know I'm not wasting my time : ]


09 August, 2006


Here's a piece I did today for school. It's for a project where I have to illustrate a poem. This is the first of 4.
The poem is called "Insomniac" so I tried to go for an abstract, dreamy image.
The black area is where the text will go.

I'm not finished yet, but finished for the night.
I'll finish it off tomorrow and maybe post an update.


08 August, 2006

Crappy robot

I pulled myself away from Bust a Move long enough to paint this piece of crap.
It started off crappy, got better... and then ended up crappy.
I kinda like the brush strokes which is why I zoomed in on the first image.
The second image is the original.

I would say enjoy, but this actualy hurts my eyes, I'm sorry.
Back to Bust a Move it is then.


07 August, 2006


Ok, I should be doing work, and posting it here, but I've been distracted by this.
I'm going to buy the DS version, along with a DS Lite... so it's only going to get worse!

... I'll try and post some crap soon!


03 August, 2006


Thunderdome LMS2 - Round 1

First post - Some craps!

Ok, so I've decided to make myself a blog, so I can post sketches and stuff without having to update my website.
To start off, some pencil drawings I did a while back.

There you go, I'll try and update every other day or so.