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17 December, 2006

Wii GET!!

Yep, I FINALLY got my Wii. Got called up 15 minutes before Currys closed Friday night.
Been playing it non-stop since then. Seriously, 5am average bed time! It's bad but soooo good!! : ]

I'm going home to my parents house for the holidays this coming Tuesday. Don't expect any art posts till then! However, though I will be bringing my Wii home for the family to try out, I'm sure I'll be getting some art done too. My little brother is also into arting about so he'll probably kick my ass back into gear!

Till then, happy holidays everyone. I'll see you soon.
(Oh and if you want to exchange Wii codes, just message or email me)


15 December, 2006

I'm rather angWii...

Another Wii post I'm afraid. But at least this time it involves what could be described as art...

apologies for the foul language. Like I said I'm a bit upset that I still don't have my Wii.
For anyone still reading, I phoned up Currys, they haven't received their shipment yet, but are expecting it before tomorrow. It seems now though I wont be getting mine anyway, they will probably only get about 4 or 5, and I'm number 7 on the pre-order list.

I still have my fingers crossed, perhaps why my Samus looks so retarded.

Updates soon.


Wii... not

Ok, I still don't have my Wii. Stupid Currys. I'm told I can expect it anytime in the next 24 hours.

Anyway, I like to buy crap on eBay when ever I can. Nintendo related of course!
Here's my latest purchase, a Wii baseball cap. They were given out at the London pre-order queues for HMV (or GAME, can't remember which).
I wasn't able to go down there, as I had work to do, and a presentation at uni on Friday morning. So now I don't feel like I missed out. Except, you know, I'm still Wii-less!

I 'spose I could do some art, to pass the time 'till I finally get my Wii.
Wii'll see! *(Sii what I did there?)

14 December, 2006


Some more artwork, as promised.

Ok, that seems to be it for now.
Hope you enjoy. I'm off to pray I get my Wii tomorrow!!


No Wii : [ Some art though...

Yep, long story short, I pre-ordered my Wii from Currys, I didn't get it.
I'm hopefully gonna get mine tomorrow, wish me luck!! : ]

In the mean time, I realized I've neglected my blog far too long. So some crapola awaits you...

More to come in a minute or two.