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15 December, 2006

Wii... not

Ok, I still don't have my Wii. Stupid Currys. I'm told I can expect it anytime in the next 24 hours.

Anyway, I like to buy crap on eBay when ever I can. Nintendo related of course!
Here's my latest purchase, a Wii baseball cap. They were given out at the London pre-order queues for HMV (or GAME, can't remember which).
I wasn't able to go down there, as I had work to do, and a presentation at uni on Friday morning. So now I don't feel like I missed out. Except, you know, I'm still Wii-less!

I 'spose I could do some art, to pass the time 'till I finally get my Wii.
Wii'll see! *(Sii what I did there?)