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14 January, 2007

I'm back

Ok so the Christmas and new year holidays provided me with a lot of free time, most of which was spent playing Zelda! I haven't really got any new work apart from some quick sketches and some crap school work.

School work first. These are some pages I did for a project where I had to make a comic. I decided instead of wasting time thinking of a crappy story I'd use an existing story. I turned to Mr Ashley Wood for inspiration, (Like I always do!) and his Metal Gear Solid comic. I chose to make a comic out of the video game Resident Evil 4. Why? Well it's a game I've played many times. And it has zombies.

If I spent a nice amount of time with this I reckon I could have produced something half decent. Unfortunately though, and as usual, I left things to the last minute and rushed it all to get it finished in time for my half year assessment. I made the deadline but had to cut it short, only getting the first 10 minutes of the game in 9 pages.
In the end it was a lot of fun though and I definitely want to pursue this further as a personal project. I'd love to get the whole game done one day. Probably nothing more than a pipe dream though.
I wont show all the pages because most of it was absolute crap. These are the only pages I feel are worth showing.

Next some quick sketches for the sake of doing something productive and not playing Zelda all day (Oh how it rocks though!).

...Yep, it's been a pretty unproductive holiday. But I ate a lot and played a lot, so it wasn't all bad.
On the plus side, my life drawing class starts back up tomorrow, which I'm very much looking forward to. And although I have 3 weeks off from school while an assessor assesses how much work I haven't done, I have two new projects I need to start, which will provide for some new sketches and paintings. Fun times.

Expect a life drawing update tomorrow.